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January 02 2010

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I want your Skin & Bones.

December 23 2009

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Da Leben ist eine Serie von Gags

December 16 2009

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Weiß wie der Schnee ist ihr Gesicht,

kalt und starr ihr Blick,

so liegt sie dort,


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Because Suicide is painless.

December 15 2009

Dialogue between two

„It’s all about being yourself“

“Being who?”

“yourself! You know who you are”

“How should I know. I even don’t know who you are”

“Your know me. You know me the best.”

“And who you are?”

“I am your inner voice. And I want you to listen to me. Caus then you’ll know yourself – better.”

“Crazy voice. Crazy me. Paranoid! I have to take my medicine. ”   

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_Caged for life.

“Mit Männern ist es wie mit Aspirin - manchmal braucht man zwei” Buchzitat

December 14 2009

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It’s cold in the City. Out there. Cold.

December 13 2009

Patrick Wolf_Augustine

Here comes a lowman of the law
Fist tight, banging on the door
And knocking me down on it’s weight
And I let him in
As I pass out into a dream
Whooping cranes and woodland beigns
Great white wings beating
In an attic, in a house, in the dead of night
Singing, oh! My Augustine, Augustine!
Oh! Is this forever, ever? Oh, oh
Sweet Augustine, Augustine
What does this mean for us?
Does it mean that I can never change my ways
And that’s why, love, you shouldn’t stay

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